Maytag centennial washer error code f7 e1

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Maytag centennial washer error code f7 e1

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maytag centennial washer error code f7 e1

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Maytag Centennial Washer Diagnostic Guide

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Explore Microwaves. Shop All Microwaves. Explore Cooktops. Shop Cooktops. Wall Ovens. Explore Wall Ovens. Shop Wall Ovens. Kitchen Accessories.For DIY repair how-to help, visit the PartsDirect repair help section, which includes repair help for washing machines, other major appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more. Search for your model number to find a complete list of replacement parts for your washer.

maytag centennial washer error code f7 e1

Make sure that both water supply valves behind the washer are fully open. In winter, check the fill lines for freezing. Check the drain system for a siphon problem. If the water valve assembly is defective, replace it. If you see excessive suds in the washer, start using the right amount of high-efficiency HE detergent.

The size of the load exceeds the washer's capacity. Open the lid and remove some garments. Restart the cycle.

F7E1 Error Code SOLVED!!! Whirlpool Cabrio Top Loading Washer Washing Machine

This code displays when the water temperature is too high during the final spin. Spin speed is limited to rpm when this code appears. Check the water valve functions using the diagnostic test mode. Replace the water valve assembly if the hot water valve sticks open.

Distribute items evenly when loading.

maytag centennial washer error code f7 e1

Level the washer cabinet. Check for weak suspension springs. With the washer empty, open the lid and push down firmly on the basket. The basket should not bounce up and down more than once when pushed. Replace the suspension springs if defective.

Try to reset the control board by unplugging the washer for 5 minutes and then restoring power. If the F1E1 code returns after restoring power, replace the main electronic control board. This code signals a failure in the motor control circuit of the main electronic control board. Unplug the washer and check the main electronic control board wiring. Check the drive motor wiring. Reconnect any loose wires. Open the lid and spin the impeller inside the basket. The impeller should rotate freely.

Remove the restriction in the drive system if the impeller doesn't spin freely. If the basket spins freely, replace the main electronic control board. The code appears when you install the wrong user interface control. Order and install the correct user interface control for your model of washer.

Attempt to release the stuck button. If you cannot release the stuck button, replace the user interface control.

The code appears when you install the wrong user interface control or main electronic control board.Identifying what the error or fault code is will help you to repair your washer.

You may have to do further troubleshooting to find what may be causing the fault for that specific part. F3 E2 Inlet water temperature fault. Need assistance with finding an error code for your washer? Ask your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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Tagged as: error codesfault codesmaytagwashing machine. We have a front load Maytag series washer. The washer will spin but the clothing is still dripping wet. What do you think the problem is. Washer is 4 yrs old. Ann, Is the spin cycle running as normal, meaning is it spinning long enough to get the water out of your clothing?

You may have a drain pump or a drain hose issue. Inspect the hose at the back of the washer to make sure it is not kinked or crimped so the water is able to drain. If the drain hose is okay, then inspect the pump, there may be gunk jammed in it.

Also, there should be a filter catch on the front of your washer, clean it out and run a normal wash load and see what happens. Leave this field empty. This DIY "Do it Yourself" website was created by maintenance professionals and home renovating experts.

Information contained within RemoveandReplace.

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We aim to always deliver relevant and engaging content where facts and information provided is checked and rechecked for accuracy. He has 30 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing all types of machinery. Contact here. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. Note: Any images or third-party logos on this page belong to their respective copyright holders and are used for informational purposes only.Important Notice: This site uses cookies to improve your experience.

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This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission. Whirlpool Corp. Earlier versions of the Maytag Centennial washing machines where well built but had very different washer mechanics, Those Centennial washer models usually start with MTW. Obviously this causes some confusion when your looking for washer repair and diagnostic help!

I want to like this new style of Maytag Centennial washer… However, many of this washers mechanical and electrical parts are already developing a reputation for problems. In addition the Maytag Centennial washer is also very slow to fill and wash due to the load sensing process and has fairly noisy lock and motor functions compared with earlier washers that are no longer available.

Some versions of this washer type have a digital display that will show an error code, but most use the status lights on the washer console to flash a sequence that can then be interpreted into the code. Turn the washer control dial at least 3 full rotations to the left like you were clearing a combination lock. Then rotate the knob 3 clicks to the right, one to the left, and one more to the right, with about a half second to one second between clicks.

If you got it right all the lights on the washer console should light up and flash. You can select an automatic diagnostic cycle, manual diagnostics, or view stored error codes. The washer stores the 4 most recent fault codes. Now you can run a Maytag Centennial automatic diagnostic washer cycle.

The washer will do a quick cycle that will test all the washer functions. The control board PCB is the brains of the Centennial washer and is responsible for sending power to the correct washer part at the proper time for the proper amount of time. The pressure sensor is a switch that ties into the control and water valve to regulate how much water is in the tub. To do this, it uses a sealed hose that is attached to the bottom of the outer wash tub.

As water enters the wash tub the pressure in this hose increases causing a diaphragm to flex, opening and closing the switch. This is a fairly reliable part and is rarely the cause of washer problems. The pressure sensor connects to the washer control at the J4 terminal. The main washer problem associated with a bad pressure switch or hose is an overflowing washer!

To accomplish this task it first senses if the lid is closed or open, and secondly locks the lid.

maytag centennial washer error code f7 e1

A properly functioning lock sounds something like this…. This washer does not have a tub break so the washer tub will coast to a stop from spin. This can take some time. The lid cannot be unlocked until the tub sensor tells the control that the washer tub has completely stopped spinning. The lid latch connects to the washer control at the J15 terminal. The main Centennial washer problem associated with a bad lid latch is the lid lock light flashing or the washer not starting.

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If the magnet of the strike has swollen with rust it may be the cause of problems instead of the lid lock.First try the solutions suggested here. If you need further assistance or more recommendations that may help you avoid a service call, refer to the warranty page in this manual and scan the code with your mobile device, or visit www.

In Canada, visit www. Be sure the door is closed and latched. Be sure you have selected a cycle. A circuit breaker or fuse might have tripped.

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Solution: Check for dishware such as cookie sheets, cutting boards, or large containers, etc. Be sure the detergent is fresh and lump free. Be sure the cycle has been completed green light is on. Solution: NOTE: Plastic and items with nonstick surfaces are difficult to dry because they have a porous surface, which tends to collect water droplets. Towel drying may be necessary. Use of rinse aid along with the Heated Dry and Sanitize option will provide the best drying and avoid excess moisture in the dishwasher interior.

Proper loading of items can affect drying. See specific loading instructions within this guide. Glasses and cups with concave bottoms hold water. This water may spill onto other items when unloading. Solution: Be sure the water is turned on to the dishwasher. Check that the float is free from obstructions. Check for suds in the dishwasher.

If foam or suds are detected, the dishwasher may not operate properly or may not fill with water. Solution: Be sure the cycle has been completed the green light is on. If dishwasher is connected to a food waste disposer, be sure the knockout plug has been removed from the disposer inlet. Check for kinks in the drain hose. Check for food obstructions in the drain or garbage disposer. Check the house fuse or circuit breaker. Solution: NOTE: Extremely hard water mineral deposits can cause damage to the dishwasher and make it difficult to achieve good cleaning.

A water softener is strongly recommended if the hardness is 15 grains or more.


If a water softener is not installed, the following steps may help: Use a commercial cleaner designed for dishwashers once per month. Always use a rinse aid. Always use a high-quality, fresh detergent. Solution: Run a vinegar rinse through the dishwasher by putting 2 cups mL of white vinegar in an upright glass measuring cup in the lower rack.

Run a normal cycle with the Heated Dry option turned off. Do not use detergent. A thumping sound may be heard if items extend beyond the racks and interfere with the wash arms.The history of the Amana brand dates back to It was named after the place it was founded in Middle Amana, Iowa. Today, it manufactures an array of household appliances, including products for the kitchen, laundry, and heating.

The lists of Amana error codes below will help you understand any problems you may be having with your washer. To start with, find the error code the washing machine is displaying. Now, find the list of error codes matching the model of the washer you use. Try the solutions suggested for your problems, starting from the easiest ones. Washer is running a suds reduction routine.

Allow the washer to continue. Use only HE detergent. Always measure detergent, and base detergent quantity on load size. F8 followed by E1 water supply error appears in display Check for proper water supply.

Both hoses must be attached and have water flowing to the inlet valve. Both hot and cold water faucets must be on. Inlet valve screens on washer may be clogged. Remove any kinks in the inlet hose.

If code appears again, call for service. F9 followed by E1 drain pump system error appears in display Check plumbing for correct drain hose installation. Drain hose extends into standpipe farther than " mm. Check drain hose for proper installation. Make sure the drain hose is not kinked, pinched, or blocked. Remove any clogs from drain hose. Use drain hose form and securely attach to drainpipe or tub. Lower drain hose if the end is higher than 96" 2.

Not using HE detergent or using too much HE detergent. F5 followed by E2 door will not lock appears in display Washer door not locking. Make sure the door is closed completely and latching. Check for items in the washer drum that may be keeping the door from closing completely.

F7 followed by E1 motor drive error appears in display Motor is having difficulty turning the drum. Washer is tightly packed. Remove some items. Washer making error beeps Door has not been opened and closed for at least 3 cycles.

This code may appear when the washer is first turned on. Open and close the door to clear the display. Close the door completely.These error code explanations can help you troubleshoot a problem with your Maytag Bravos VMW top-load washer. For repair how-to help, visit the PartsDirect repair help section, which includes repair help for washing machines, other major appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more.

Search for your model number to find a complete list of replacement parts for your washer. On models without a digital display, the fault code is signaled by blinking status lights. Refer to this video to decipher the error code. Refer to the tech sheet stored in the console to enter the diagnostic test mode and recover the saved error code. Use only HE High Efficiency detergent.

Reduce the quantity of detergent to prevent excessive suds. Make sure that fill hoses are properly connected. Check the resistance of the thermistor temperature sensor.

It should measure around 50K ohms 50, ohms at 77 degrees. If the thermistor is defective, replace it. Re-distribute the load inside the spin basket. If that doesn't help, then check the suspension rods and springs. Unplug the washer. Check the wiring connections on the main electronic control board in the console. If the wiring connections are okay, then the main electronic control board will usually need to be replaced. Check the wiring connections on the main electronic control board and the drive motor.

If the wiring connections are okay, then the drive motor windings will need to be checked for resistance. If the drive motor is bad, replace it. If the drive motor is okay, the main electronic control board will usually need to be replaced. This code is for models with a digital display. One or more keys on the user interface were actuated for 15 seconds or longer. If a key is stuck and cannot be freed up then the user interface control will need to be replaced.

It typically occurs when an incompatible control component Main Electronic Control board or User Interface control is replaced in the console. Check the replacement part numbers and reorder the correct part. Check the air hose connection between the bottom of the tub and the water level pressure switch on the main electronic control board in the console. If no problems are found, then the main electronic control board which includes water level pressure switch will usually need to be replaced.

Open the console and check the resistance through the thermistor circuit black wires.

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It should measure around 50K ohms 50, ohms at room temperature. If the thermistor is defective, replace it the thermistor is a component in the inlet valve assembly wiring harness. This code is displayed if Start is pressed with the lid open. If the components are damaged, replace them.

If the washer is started several times without the lid ever being opened, then this code appears. See if the spin basket rotates freely.


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