Hegel h90 canada

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Hegel h90 canada

The H uses the patented SoundEngine2 technology combined with a very high power, low distortion amplifier design. The result is unmatched dynamic capabilities while still maintaining a smooth, natural sound with all the details of the music. You will experience a huge soundstage and only want to turn the volume up, up, up and up. The H is a reference amplifier throughout. From the carefully designed balanced and unbalanced inputs, with hand matched transistor pairs, ensuring minimal distortion to the delicate signal from an analog source such as a phono stage.

Via the preamplifier, with its dedicated high quality power supplies and a unique volume attenuator, to the massive output stage where you will find 12 ultra-fast high power output transistors… per channel. The H is a beast. Many people nowadays use digital music as their main source of listening, so great care has been put into the DA-Converter, where all signals will be kept in their original form throughout. If you play high resolution or CD-format, they will all be played in their native form for best sound quality.

The H includes MQA decoding and rendering technology, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering you the sound of the original master recording. The H is also a dream for people who are into streaming.

That means Apple Airplay user friendliness combined with the high performance Hegel sound. It does not stop there though, as the H is also software upgradable, and additional functionality will become available in the future. If you live in a smart home, the H can be a natural part of that too.

Hegel H590

With services like Control4 built in, and 2-way IP control for other smart home control systems, using the H can be as easy as switching on the lights. There is ease of use and there is security. Afraid that the kids will play too loud when you are away from home? No problem. Simply set a desired maximum volume level and lock it there.

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The H can even be used to provide better sound in your Home Theater, or to combine a Theater and a system for music listening. Do you enjoy your Sonos or Bluesound app and want to use those, but without losing the sound performance of the H? Connect them, lock the volume on the input and you are in full control using only the Sonos app example.If you look at some of the bigger names in the business this looks like the way the market is moving.

They would also like to be able to talk to it but we try to avoid novelty in this publication, if at all possible. Its founder, Bent Holter, has been making audio electronics since the early nineties. The H is the latest compact powerhouse amplifier with onboard DAC and network streaming capabilities.

There is of course a display, a very clear OLED one that shows input and volume level in sensible high numbers means high volume style.

Quite why manufacturers persevere with negative relative dB figures that appear to work the other way round beats me; it must be a recipe for confusion among those less obsessed.

Hegel Röst

The rear panel is clearly laid out with analogue in and outputs on the left; these include balanced inputs and both fixed and variable outputs, which seems odd when you have a high powered amp onboard, but does offer the option of bi-amping.

The right hand flank provides a sextet of digital inputs that includes three Toslinks and an Ethernet connection in their ranks. That last connection is the key one here. Combine it with a third party control application such as BubbleUPnP and you have a network streamer that can pull music off of a NAS drive or audio server and send it through the DAC to the amplifier.

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But if you have your own music library it will always sound better than online services.The H90 provides the most dynamic 60 watts per channel sound you have ever heard, and comes with a set of features that add value and flexibility. All except streaming of which are configurable to be fixed level inputs, allowing you to easily integrate the H90 in a Home Theater system. Or perhaps you just want to connect the digital output of your Sonos streamer and use the Sonos volume attenuator rather than the Hegel remote?

There is also a high quality headphone output and a sleek, informative, white OLED display. The new and improved SoundEngine2 reduces distortion even further than our older models. It makes certain you hear all those tiny details in the music. The ones that suck you in and give you the feeling of actually being there, while also sounding natural and fluid.

The grip, or damping factor as it is called, is up to 20 times higher than the industry average. Ensuring a dynamic and powerful bass response, even on larger floor standing loudspeakers. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Hegel H Hegel H90 Hegel H Hegel Rost. There are no reviews yet. This product is unavailable for online purchase. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

Description Reviews 0 Description Hegel H90 The H90 provides the most dynamic 60 watts per channel sound you have ever heard, and comes with a set of features that add value and flexibility. Related products. HegelIntegrated Amplifiers Hegel H 0 out of 5. Add to cart. HegelIntegrated Amplifiers Hegel Rost 0 out of 5. Request A Quote.This Norwegian company is redefining performance and value, especially in the Integrated Amplifier market.

Founded inI first heard of the company when I read the reviews in Soundstage magazine. A few years ago, the distributor, Richard, brought some samples when we were still in Vaughan.

I remember being quite impressed, especially with the way the integrated amplifier made our Magnepans sound. We finally took the plunge and brought the line in last month. He proceeded to sell a bunch of them in quick succession. The Hegel H90 seems to be a match made in heaven, at a very reasonable price. Even more interesting is the H Perhaps it is because of the outrageous damping factor of !

Or the patented Sound Engine 2 circuit which samples the incoming signal, compares it to the outgoing signal, then subtracts the difference and adds it to the music in reverse phase. This cancels the distortion made by the amplifier in real time.

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The amps are also upgradable through the network connection, ensuring that it remains current. We urge you to have a listen and hear it for yourself. Audio Excellence. Hegel Music Systems This Norwegian company is redefining performance and value, especially in the Integrated Amplifier market.

Adrian Low October 29, Of course, savvy hi-fi manufacturers rumbled this aspirational disconnect ages ago and incorporated it in their business models. Little has changed. That said, the new tweeter uses an upgraded neodymium magnet and wears a new grille mesh from the Series. Also, the dome has been repositioned slightly forward in its diaphragm in order to improve time alignment while internal components, such as inductors and bypass capacitors, are also welcome hand me downs from the Series.

Indeed, the company lays it on the line: improved accuracy, transparency and insight; the ability to outperform more expensive rivals. New Series, same ambitious job sheet. To set the bar and give the budget newcomer something pricier to shoot at, a proven exemplar of the Continuum cone art has been dusted off and is waiting just outside my smaller listening room for a spot of friendly sparring.

Here, in the smaller room with the less muscular but fabulously musical Hugo 2-fed Hegel H90 integrated amp, its remarkable talent for filling a big space with confidence, authority and surprisingly solid and well-extended bass is less crucial.

But, again confounding its small stature, it manages to conjure up a convincingly proportioned soundstage populated with believably scaled musicians and instruments. Meanwhile the smoothness and sophistication perhaps robs the track of a little electricity and excitement.

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Does the sound like a close relation with less polished manners? In one sense, yes. In most others, no. The resolution, ambient detail and honest-to-God transparency on offer here frankly beggars belief at the price. Allied to bass performance that digs half an octave deeper than the S2 with less apparent effort, if a little more box colouration, Christine And The Queens step it up, sounding a tad less polished but palpably more potent and fun.

Diana Krall — and jazz songstresses Basia and Lizz Wright, come to that — all sound smoother and sexier through the S2, as you might expect. That poses an interesting in-house choice.

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hegel h90 canada

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hegel h90 canada

Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i. Sennheiser Ambeo. Elipson Prestige Facet 34F. KLH Albany. Monitor Audio Gold Harman Kardon Citation Wharfedale Linton. Ophidian P3 Evolution.A relatively new kid on the block, Hegel is making waves in audio markets around the globe by thinking outside the box, as Trevor Butler discovered when auditioning their latest integrated amp with on-board DAC. Well, no. Hegel, who are already making a name for themselves outside their native Norway, believe in high-quality engineering, build and sound.

A solid-looking and heavyweight unit, with glimpses of typical Scandinavian minimalism, gives the feeling of value-for-money before anything is even plugged in.

Siting the 12kg amp on its three vibration-absorbing feet, the glossy bright-white fascia is a lovely contrast to the slightly creamy and matt-like top and sides; while that curve to the front panel with its bowed centre is rather pleasing to the eye.

Hegel have cast something of a niche for thinking outside the box with all aspects of hi-fi design. That, for instance, is why hand-matching of certain key components takes place in Oslo before main assembly in the Far East. One thing I like about Hegel is that while too many manufacturers resort to boring brown packing cases, for Hegel the outer carton is removed by the retailer to to present a glossy white box to the end-user. Little touches like this can go a long way to gain consumer confidence.

That attention-to-detail continues throughout the product, as we shall discover. Even so, the sound quality was such that I was keen to get my hands on a production unit as soon as I could. Set-up Having a DAC, preamp and power amp in one box aids convenience even if the purists will moan. But Hegel have catered for that with enough inputs to permit an external DAC if required, and variable outputs which fed my German-made Trigon monoblocks perfectly.

Sticking with two-channels I decided it was the ideal time to give my trusty Harbeth M Not a bit of it.

Kef R3 + Hegel H120 SOUND DEMO

Digital inputs comprise one coaxial and no fewer than three optical alongside a USB port and Ethernet connection. This was enough even for my demands. Analogue inputs are a balanced pair of XLRs and two pairs of unbalanced RCAs; all are really solid in feel as are the chunky speaker cable connections. That remote was rather good, as well. Just the right size to fit in the hand so that every control can be reached with the fingers and, I was delighted to see, each button is labelled in English — no squiggles or icons here leaving the operator wondering what on earth each control will do.

Within a few minutes inputs were connected, Apple Airplay paring complete and it was time to switch-on. After just a few moments of listening I had that joyous feeling that here was a competent product, one that enticed me to listen not just for the review purposes but for pleasure.

It was with the analogue input from the CD source that I began, selecting a disk from one of the piles which I confess I leave largely undisturbed now that the vast majority of source material is so easy to stream. A jewel of polyphonic composition from Tudor times, the piece was much admired by members of the royal family. Within seconds I was immersed in a performance that really came to life.The Magnepan LRS is the best speaker for the money today. It sounds like a slightly smaller version of the much-larger 1.

Soundstage is wide, with tremendous depth when the speakers are set up properly. Being a planar speaker, the LRS can be placed close to the side walls. Low ceilings are not a problem. This gives the best bass, soundstage depth and tonality. The speakers weigh only a few pounds, so you can easily move them out when you want to enjoy them seriously.

Otherwise, move them back towards the wall for everyday casual listening. One other thing.

hegel h90 canada

The LRS is truly a thoroughbred speaker. As such, it likes good amplifiers. You need to use a good receiver, integrated amplifier or power amplifier preferably one with high current and good damping factor. The high damping factor controls the panels really well, the result being tight, extended bass with superb speed and clarity. The Hegel also has AirPlay, so you can easily stream music from your phone. This combination is truly amazing, and one that I recommend without any reservation.

Audio Excellence. Adrian Low October 25,


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